The San Diego Prius Club is dedicated to keeping all hybrids on the roads here in Califronia and San Diego.  Any Chevy Volt can be donated to the club for cash no matter the condition.  By keeping old junk or salvaged Volt vehicles on the road so that our state smells and feels better.  We also specialize in Hybrid and electric vehicles that contain low or no emmission.

You can also donate any hybrid vehicle for cash.  The condition of the car does not matter.  We buy any Volt even junk models.  We use the parts to salvage non working older models.
Junk your Chevy Volt or Cruze or Sell it to the Experts.
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Damaged cars bad engines bad transmissions even bad batteries.  We take it! Or if your damages are too high we can still recycle your vehicle and get cash on the spot.

We also fix and purchase most Chevy models over 2006.

Our mechanics use genuine Toyota parts and accessories.  We also use certified Toyota tools to ensure you get the best mileage!

We service the 3rd generation Prius!

Find out more about the new Prius plug in.
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